Would you give your time to a cohort that...

I’ve been exposed to a record number of papers making basic errors with hypothesis tests. On my bike ride to work I started thinking about what it would take for me to not want to enrol myself in a cohort (we have a few important cohorts here at Erasmus MC). It led me down the following line of thought.

People become outraged when they see things like p=0.06 and the authors treat their results as though they’re significant. But no one gets equally upset if p=0.06 and people use that to say that the null is true even when the confidence intervals are very wide and include a lot of important values. That is just as egregious, so why do people get way more upset with one error and not the other?

Jeremy A. Labrecque
Assistant professor, Epidemiology and causal inference

My research is on how we know what we know.